TOM SCHILLING & THE JAZZ KIDSAt the moment we are mixing the new album of TOM SCHILLING & THE JAZZ KIDS. It was produced again by Moses, recorded by Ingo at Candy Bomber Studio, Berlin. Including the hall at Teldex Studio we try to create a homogeneous, spatial atmosphere for the whole album

2 mixes for act 'DIE SEILSCHAFT'

2 mixes for act \'DIE SEILSCHAFT\'Here you can see 'Keltner' & 'Bozzio' generating sound for one of the mixes of the band DIE SEILSCHAFT. Michael Nass, BAP-Keyboarder and member of the band DIE SEILSCHAFT is responsible for the photo, the recor...  weiterlesen


ZARTMANNZARTMANN ( Hannes Zartmann ) was at Ballsaal to mix his first 5 songs, produced and recorded by Aaron Lovac. ZARTMANN is managed by Christian Raab ( Haus2000 ).

MOKA EFTI ORCHESTRA - Recording at Bonello Studio

MOKA EFTI ORCHESTRA - Recording at Bonello StudioWe had a great time recording 5 new tracks for MOKA EFTI ORCHESTRA
In the team were the 3 composers Mario Kamien, Nikko Weidemann and Sebastian Borkowski (arranger) as well as sound engineer and ProTools operator    &...  weiterlesen

ALEX REEVES Drum Session at Hansa Studio 1

ALEX REEVES Drum Session at Hansa Studio 1After we had the opportunity to spend 5 days recording drums with 'ELBOW' drummer ALEX REEVES in the legendary Hansa Studio 1, we now have the honour to mix them.

ILJA RUF. Debut-Album

ILJA RUF.  Debut-AlbumIlja Ruf with producer, visionary and his dad Bernd Ruf, assistant engineer Alex Sitnikov and mixer BlackPete at Ballsaal-Stud...  weiterlesen


STAGE AT HOME, this is O...  weiterlesen

LXANDRA more tracks

LXANDRA more tracksI am very happy to mix more tracks for LXANDRA in the next weeks.
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